For 25 years Morris Cooper has been Designing and Building Properties across Western Canada and California.


Since 1993, Morris Cooper as completed more than 400 projects in Alberta, BC, and Southern California. We act as Designers, Project Managers, and General Contractors on both Private Client Properties and our own Investment Properties. 

These decades of experience enable us to bring projects to completion quickly and extremely inexpensively. Other Design Firms, General Contractors, and even our own stakeholders regularly tell us that it's impossible to complete a project in the time we've allotted and for the price we're proposing.

We love proving them wrong.



Since we bought and sold our first 'Investment Property' in 1994 we've been setting sales records in neighbourhoods throughout Alberta, BC, and California. With a unique 'Design-First' approach, we find projects that are not only profitable, but offer Buyers something they can't find elsewhere in the marketplace. Single Family Flips, Infills, Apartment-to-Condo Conversion, and Commercial, Morris Cooper has a successful track record of bringing Projects home quickly and profitably.

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Client Projects


Way back in 1993 we got our start working for Clients  designing and renovating private residences. Today, we still enjoy helping our Clients live their best life at home. No matter the project size, our Clients receive award-winning assistance from our Design Team and top-tier Project Management form our Construction Team, helping deliver the same incredible results as we strive for on our own investment projects.

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Morris Cooper is an Award Winner of Houzz's Annual Best Service Award. With a 5-Star Rating, Morris Cooper was recognized in 2016 as one of Alberta's leading Design Build Firms. 

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Remodeling and Home Design

Our goal is to offer incredible value to our Customers and Clients by thinking outside the box and paying attention to every detail.
— Julie Morris, Founder